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The Warrior Princess [Official]
Vianca Fuster

The Warrior Princess [Official]


LOGLINE: The Warrior Princess chronicles the life and amateur boxing career of Violet “The Warrior Princess” Lopez over the course of five years as she rises from multi-national champion to aspiring youth world boxing champion. 


SYNOPSIS: Violet "The Warrior Princess" is a barrier-breaking boxer looking to one day etch her name in the sports history books. She aspires to win a gold medal at the 2028 Olympics, become a professional fighter, and inspire growth in the sport of girls' amateur boxing. From the beginning, it was made clear to Violet her experience as a boxer would just be different from the boys. She's also aware there are boys and men alike in the gym who believe she doesn't belong there. This only serves to light fire under her, encouraging her to work hard, keep winning, and be an example that inspires other girls to enter the ring with her.


Violet fell in love with boxing at age eight after she began training with her cousin and coach Angel Villarreal Jr. at the United Community Center on Milwaukee's South Side. UCC Boxing Club is the top three most winning amateur boxing gym in the county and USA Boxing history with a history of many national champions who have gone on to fight professionally. The program was founded by Israel "Shorty" Acosta — a two-time Olympic boxing coach and extremely successful amateur boxer. Shorty served as a mentor to Angel who now has several national champion boxers of his own with Violet being the most successful one.


The winning legacy of UCC Boxing Club continues as Violet and Angel add ten national championships to the legacy together. With a desire to only win more and see more girls come into the gym, The Warrior Princess continues to strive for success and to be that example, no matter what challenges she faces in or out of the ring.

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